Ghostdance for one (2017)

Gavin Krastin often collaborates as scenographer for his long-time partner, choreographer and performer Alan Parker. A musing on death, memory and embodiment, Ghostdance for one by Alan Parker is a solo performance-based research endeavour exploring the living body’s ability to archive death and carry the dead with us. The scenography is inspired by Parker’s deceased mother’s favourite flower, the Strelitzia (or Bird of Paradise), the costume aesthetics of death dances and the forms of human bones and skeletons. For Parker, Ghostdance for one is an embodiment of grief, a performative effigy and a means of paying respect to one’s predecessors.

Ghostdance for one was performed at the ICA Live Art Festival 2017 (Cape Town, South Africa).

Choreographed and performed by Alan Parker.

Scenography by Gavin Krastin.