Trophy (2015)

Conceived as a graveyard of partially exhumed dead dreams and ambitions, Trophy is a reflection on achievement and stagnation, on being chosen and being ‘benched’. The work was partially influenced by the removal and defacement of colonial monuments and statues in South Africa at the time and how these public colonial memorials are read as trophies of particular ideological strongholds. Indulging the word play of ‘trophy’ as a suffix denoting degeneration, the performance simultaneously subverts these trophy-memorials and representations of a white South African masculinity as withering and atrophying.

Trophy was performed at the Cape Town Fringe Festival 2015 (Cape Town, South Africa).

Created and choreographed-directed by Gavin Krastin.

Performed by Gavin Krastin, Alan Parker and Kai Luke Brummer.


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