On seeing red and other fantasies (2015)

Amidst a global climate of war, greed, power and dystopia, On seeing red and other fantasies offers a seemingly nonsensical escape into a land of surreal images and arresting frivolity. The work charts the abandonment of one’s terrestrial existence in an effort to flee from humanity, land contestation and impending global chaos. Themes of anger, tipping-points and the ridiculousness of blind rage come to the fore as the performance probes notions of spatial territories and acts of territorialisation. In On seeing red and other fantasies it is in such a desire to escape and reject that one is most confronted with the feared, crippling and anarchic.

On seeing red and other fantasies was performed at the National Arts Festival 2015 (Grahamstown, South Africa), the Dance Umbrella 2015 (Johannesburg, South Africa), and at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective 2015 (Cape Town, South Africa).

Conceived and choreographed-directed by Gavin Krastin.

Created and performed by Gavin Krastin and Alan Parker.

Sound design by Shaun Acker.


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