I Live Here (2014)

Purposefully clandestine, inconspicuous and invisible, I Live Here is a conceptual and unnoticed site-based performance intervention and action. Participating performers, deliberately unknown to Gavin Krastin, were tasked with genuinely living in IKEA and similar surrounding superstores without raising suspicion or being noticed for as long as possible. In the performance the participants simply ‘lived’ in IKEA’s various room displays as they would at home: setting a dining room table, organising a kitchen, working at a home-office, making the bed, watching TV on the sofa etc., but without being seen. I Live Here is a playful musing on borders, (in)visibility, spatial reclamation, presence and consumerism, while challenging what may be considered private and public spaces and actions.

I Live Here was performed at the Unnoticed Art Festival 2014 (Dordrecht, Netherlands).

Conceived by Gavin Krastin.

Curated and facilitated by Fans van Lent.

Performed by participants and performers deliberately unknown to Gavin Krastin.

This performance was deliberately not documented in any form.


 Unnoticed Art| Unnoticed Art Festival 2014 Catalogue | Frans van Len