Epoxy (2014)

Epoxy is a visceral investigation into the body and movement as form, particularly momentum and the restriction thereof. Vacuum-packed and restricted of everything but desire and intention, elongated gestures become laboured and frustrated, initiating a different kind of physical grace. A panicked, but meditative body-state which oscillates between volatility and poise. The work stems from personal experiences of stasis, grief, loss and futility in the face of irrevocable change.

Epoxy was performed at Visualeyez Festival of Performance Art 2014 (Edmonton, Canada) and for camera for an independent film in 2016 (South Africa).

Created and choreographed-directed by Gavin Krastin and Alan Parker.

Performed by Gavin Krastin.


Day 3 – Evening Gavin Krastin and Alan Parker | Visualeyez 2014 Blog | Irene Loughlin