Collapsing into representation (2017)

In a world of multiplicities, frames and subjective constructed realities, where there is arguably no such thing as ‘authenticity’ or ‘pure reception’, the body is always written upon and ready in representation. It is assumed and predetermined. In this short performative vignette the white, male, post-apartheid and privileged South African body collapses into its reigning representations within a current historical-geographical context. This surfaces questions regarding the duplicitous nature of race as nationhood and patriotism as cultural capital. Reflecting on the work, Collapsing into representation takes into account our enlightened and colonial mental entrapment towards our own flesh and positions the arsehole as a productive space in which to challenge the tenuous relationship between subject and object.

Collapsing into representation was performed at the New Dance Lab 2017 (Cape Town, South Africa).

Created and performed by Gavin Krastin.