Gavin Krastin is a Cape Town based performance and live artist, theatre-maker, scenographer and performance educator. His interests lie in the permeability and politics of boundaries and their transgressions within the larger South African socio-political and spatial context, using live performance as means to occupy, subvert and challenge notions of presentation and representation. Krastin is inspired by his immediate South African environment and the histories and performative identities embedded in its shifting post-colonial and de-colonial socio-political climate. The social underpinnings and philosophies of space intrigue him and inspire a questioning and mythologizing of operational systems, behaviours, proximities and the politics of boundary-crossings and transgressions in his work.


Performance: Gavin Krastin's distorted body in triptych photograph from 'Rough Musick' (2013)
Triptych from Gavn Krastin's 'Rough Musick (2013). Photograph by Cat Pennels