The Misses/Missus (2012)

PERFORMANCE The Misses/Missus (2012) 2012 saw the bicentenary of the ‘founding’ of the small colonial town of Grahamstown, or iRhini. However, Grahamstown was never really ‘found’ as it has always existed and been occupied for centuries. Rather, the land and kingdom that was under the rule of Chief Makana was colonised and seized by Lieutenant-Colonel […]

Sub (2011)

PERFORMANCE SUB (2011) Activating a sense of agency and urgency in the participating spectators, Sub is a multifaceted immersive performance installation that sprawls across and inhabits Nombulelo Secondary School (in iRhini, Grahamstown). In the work the audience is encouraged to seek-out an array of hidden durational performances and live art installations taking place simultaneously. Due to the […]