Nil (2017)

PERFORMANCE Nil (2017) The notion of a raw, non-cultural body is an impossibility. An assemblage of performative actions, Nil pursues a sense of undoing in order to achieve a state of nothingness, but paradoxically generates a multitude of content and presence in its undoing and self-erasure. The performance queers and reconstitutes, and at times ridicules, […]


PERFORMANCE —  Gavin Krastin is a Cape Town based performance and live artist, theatre-maker, scenographer and performance educator. His interests lie in the permeability and politics of boundaries and their transgressions within the larger South African socio-political and spatial context, using live performance as means to occupy, subvert and challenge notions of presentation and representation. Krastin is […]

Collapsing into representation (2017)

PERFORMANCE Collapsing into representation (2017) In a world of multiplicities, frames and subjective constructed realities, where there is arguably no such thing as ‘authenticity’ or ‘pure reception’, the body is always written upon and ready in representation. It is assumed and predetermined. In this short performative vignette the white, male, post-apartheid and privileged South African […]

Pig Headed (2016)

PERFORMANCE Pig Headed (2016) “There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the Beast. Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill! I’m part of you. Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go. Why things are what they are” – the impaled pig head in William Golding’s Lord […]

Trophy (2015)

PERFORMANCE Trophy (2015) Conceived as a graveyard of partially exhumed dead dreams and ambitions, Trophy is a reflection on achievement and stagnation, on being chosen and being ‘benched’. The work was partially influenced by the removal and defacement of colonial monuments and statues in South Africa at the time and how these public colonial memorials […]

On seeing red and other fantasies (2015)

PERFORMANCE On seeing red and other fantasies (2015) Amidst a global climate of war, greed, power and dystopia, On seeing red and other fantasies offers a seemingly nonsensical escape into a land of surreal images and arresting frivolity. The work charts the abandonment of one’s terrestrial existence in an effort to flee from humanity, land […]

Epoxy (2014)

PERFORMANCE Epoxy (2014) Epoxy is a visceral investigation into the body and movement as form, particularly momentum and the restriction thereof. Vacuum-packed and restricted of everything but desire and intention, elongated gestures become laboured and frustrated, initiating a different kind of physical grace. A panicked, but meditative body-state which oscillates between volatility and poise. The […]

#omnomnom (2014)

PERFORMANCE #omnomnom (2014) Part performance, part dinner reservation and presented as a party, Omnomnom is inspired by the awkward performativity and often kitsch and gluttonous nature of birthday parties, anniversaries, communions and public political commemorations. Through clashing and subverting various eclectic dining and food-related ritual practices, notions of celebration and commemoration are questioned and provoked. […]

I Live Here (2014)

PERFORMANCE I Live Here (2014) Purposefully clandestine, inconspicuous and invisible, I Live Here is a conceptual and unnoticed site-based performance intervention and action. Participating performers, deliberately unknown to Gavin Krastin, were tasked with genuinely living in IKEA and similar surrounding superstores without raising suspicion or being noticed for as long as possible. In the performance […]

Rough Musick (2013)

PERFORMANCE Rough Musick (2013) Inspired by early English ‘rough music’ practices – participatory, carnivalesque public shaming rituals for criminals and sexual deviants- Rough Musick is an ethnographic ritual-like performance that provokes the post-colonial residue, melancholia and shame pertinent to the South African socio-political landscape. In the performance a visual and visceral experience unfolds through the […]