Live Art, Performance and Scenography

Gavin Krastin is a South African performance artist and live artist, scenographer and arts educator. He is Cape Town based and his work spans the worlds of theatre, visual arts and contemporary performance. Gavin's interests lie in the permeability and politics of the body’s representation, limitation and operation in alternative, layered spaces. His practice is inspired by his immediate South African environment and one’s positionality and transgression in the history embedded in its shifting socio-political landscape within a global-local framework.

Gavin Krastin has always straddled theatre and dance with work that is full of beauty, but not always easy to stomach.” – City Press


Rather than using performance as a means of escaping the politics of the body, Gavin uses liveness as a means to occupy and unveil the body politic in order to challenge and subvert notions of presentation and representation.





In conversation with his performance practice is his work as a scenographer and designer for live performance. Apart from his own performance-design, Gavin often collaborates as scenographer for his long-time partner, choreographer and performer Alan Parker.



south african performance/live artist gavin krastin holding a pig head in performance of pig headed, 2016

south african performance/live artist gavin krastin with a cake on his head in performance of Trophy, 2015

Performance/live artist Gavin Krastin wth ornaments on his distorted face during performance of Rough Musick

Gavin Krastin's masked face and floating emaciated body during the performance of Rough Musick, South Africa 2013

South African performance/live artist Gavin Krastin during performance of Rough Musick, 2013